BYLINX TV. Edutainment.

The BYLINX TV project is the video component of the S.A.M. ( Support the Arts Movement) project. Which was created to showcase emerging Artist in South Florida. And so, BYLINX TV invites you to enjoy the emerging art screens traveled by Jah Linx, showcasing tomorrows talent as they bid for the next number one stop. You’ll meet Spoken-Word Artist, Reggae, Soul, R&B, Country, Bands, DJs and MCs as they emerge, artistic conversations and events. Meet artist. Get introduced to new cultures and forms of expression, hear the story’s about things only rumored. As Jah Linx travels the emerging art scene.

If you like what BYLINX TV is doing feel free to comment. If you want to show your support, you can use the donate link on the bottom right side of the page. If your an artist looking for a bit more visibility, then BYLINX can help. If your a business wanting to advertise BYLINX can help. You can reach our graphics department at graphics.bylinx.info or jahlinx@bylinx.info

BYLINX Stay Tuned, for more. Again Thank you for sharing this link with friends and family. After all the point is to Support the Arts.

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